Monday, March 19, 2018

What This Is and What I am Not

I decided to start this blog because I want to create a resource for people.  A reference for all the mistakes I've made in brewing, the kind of thing I wish had existed when I started and was mostly working off of word of mouth (back when I thought all metal was toxic to the culture).  I want this to stand as an honest source of all the knowledge and technique I've gained over the time I've been doing this, without the superstition and overselling that so many others have conflated into this process. 

I am not a chemist, I am not anything more than a curious amateur brewer with a lot to say about brewing and drinking.  My day job is in occupational therapy (working as a COTA).  I try to source my knowledge as reliably as possible and it is largely backed up by my own brewing experiences.  Still, most of my technical knowledge is secondhand or pretty basic.

Finally, I would like there to be an aspect of sharing to this.  I love talking about and sharing what I've brewed and I feel like I know very few others who do this.  I'd like to reach out to and build on the local Kombucha community if at all possible.  I appreciate and will try to respond to any feedback or comments offered.

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