Monday, March 19, 2018

Booch Life

Right now I'm drinking a fermented tea I made from Jasmine blossom, green tea bags, sugar, and a bunch of yeast and bacteria working together to make it delicious.  It's called Kombucha and it's life affirming.  It is also grossly overrated and misunderstood by most of the people who drink/brew/have heard of it, while at the same time being unfairly maligned by its detractors.  As is often the case, the truth about Kombucha lies somewhere between in a murky gray zone that requires more critical thought and research than most are able to offer between episodes of American Idol.

All that said I love brewing and drinking it.  It hasn't cured my anxiety, it hasn't made me smarter or stopped my acid reflux or any of the myriad "benefits" attributed to it by an array of excitable cat-people.  What it's done is tasted good and given me a hobby and outlet to be as creative and crazy as I want when I brew.  It makes me unreasonably happy to test out new teas or brewing schedules and techniques, then talk about and share the results with others. 

In the right hands and with the right mindset, Kombucha is a gift.  In whatever way I can I would like to share this gift so if you are just getting started, you can learn from my failures in the hopes that someday we can drink to our successes together.

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